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Battle Red Blog: Yahoo FF League

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It's official.  The Battle Red Blog Fantasy Football League has commenced.  It's a Yahoo! PLUS league with all the bells and whistles.

There can be up to 20 teams in this league.  Everyone who expressed interest in this league on the Grab Your Cheatsheets post has dibs on teams.  After that, we welcome all comers.

After the jump, check out more info about the league.

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I'm going for something a little different with this league.  Last year I got sick of Tom Brady taking over leagues everywhere.  So I adjusted some of the scoring to reflect each players contributions over an entire game.  Tom Brady had a spectacular year, but it doesn't completely eclipse all the plays that every other player made.  I tried to make it as interesting and balanced as possible.



This is an IDP league with a few unique twists.  Each team will have 25 players.  1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 2 flex WR/TE, 1 flex WR/RB, 1K, 3DP (defensive players), 3DL (defensive linemen), 3DB (defensive backs) and 6 bench players.  If we can field the full 20 teams that means that 500 players will be on rosters at any given time. 

There are only 32 starting QB/RBs and 64 starting WRs in the league.  With 500 players, guys like Steve Breaston & Kevin Burnett matter. How deep is your NFL FF knowledge?

Because of the scale of this league, the draft will be held offline.  It would probably be too difficult to arrange a time that was convenient for 20+ managers & co-managers.  If Tim's willing, I'd like to hold the draft here at BRB.



I tweaked the scoring to reflect what I thought actually happens in a game.  I've based this scoring on a TD being worth 3 pts.  This league currently uses fractional scoring to better equate each players contributions on the field.

Please give me some feedback here.  I want to make this as complete a FF experience as I've ever had.  I hope you look to make it the same.



I've always seen passing as a 2 man show.  Neither the QB or the WR(etc.) does all the work.

Passing Attempts: .1 pts - if a QB is putting the ball up 30 times a game, it's worth something.

Completions: .2 pts - a QB that can complete 15 passes in a game has put his team in position to score.

Passing Yards: 100 yds = 1 pt - any yardage a QB throws for is a positive.  a 300+ yd game is worth about a TD to his team.

Passing TDs: 1.5 - the QB does half the work and gets half the reward.



I tried to balance the receivers' scoring between PPR and TD only leagues.

Receptions: .2 pts - hauling it in can contribute to scoring.

Recieving Yards: 100 = 1 pt - any yardage a WR makes is a positive. 

Recieving TDs: 1.5 - the receiver does the other half of the work.



Running Backs are still important in this league, but not ridiculously dominant.

Rushing Attempts: .1 pts - if your RB is getting 20-30 touches a game, he's contributing.

Rushing Yards: 100 yds = 1 pt - In today's ,teams need a 100 yds rusher every game.

Rushing TDs: 2 pts - each TD is based on 3 pts. The RB worked hard, but didn't do all the work.  He got help from his blockers.


Special Teams

The scoring here makes you think about which players are also returners.

Return Yards: 100 yds = 1 pt - field position is always valuable.

Return TDs: 2 pts - like the RBs, they don't do all the work.  They've got blockers and chaos helping them out.

Field Goal 0-39 yds: 1 pt - chip shots are worth a point.

Field Goal 40-49 yds: 1.25 - these shots are harder to hit

Field Goal 50+: 1.5 - these are just amazing.  i figure it takes about the same amount of work to hit the long FG as it does to throw a long TD pass.

Extra Point: .1 pts - it's worth something.


No drafting team defenses here.  Individual defensive players can make a big impact.

Tackle Solo: .2 pts - if you put up 15 tackles, you're taking over the game.

Tackle Assist: .1 pts - getting to the ball is worth something.

Sack: .5 pts - this isn't the only thing that the defense does, but it's still valuable.

Interception: 1 pt - part dumb luck, part skill, all momentum.

Fumble Forced: .75 pts - one half of a game-changing play.

Fumble Recovery: .75 - a major shift in momentum.

Defensive Touchdown: 2.5 pts - if you're scoring a defensive touchdown, you've done almost all the work.

Safety: 3 pts - just as valuable as if you'd put the ball in your own end zone

Blocked Kick: 3 pts - these are a thing of beauty.



Until I finally click the "Begin Season" button, every little bit of this league customizable so let me know if you think something should be changed, added or deleted.


I'm Looking For You

I kept my end of the bargain and paid the $124.99 for the full Custom PLUS league.  If you're on this list, please email me at with your user name from BRB so I can give you the password to join the league and create your team.








Tailgate Andy







Everyone else just email me or post in the Comments that you want to join the league.

I'm hoping that this can make for an excellent Fantasy Football season, as well as be a way to build the Battle Red Blog community.  Draft info, etc. will probably show up in the Fan Posts section so as not to overrun Texans news.