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It's June 1st...Do You Know Where Your Roster Cuts Are?

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Well, they definitely ain't in H-Town. Despite speculation from idiots like yours truly that the first day of the sixth month of 2008 might portend the end of the Ahman Green Era, the last twenty-four hours came and went with nary a surprise outside Denver (and judging from some of the comments in that thread, maybe it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise). So what's the deal?

In short, contracts simply aren't what structured like they used to be. Although this article by Len Pasquarelli is two (2) years old, it's a good explanation of why June 1st lacks the severe cache it used to (as well as a happy reminder that yesterday was the two year anniversary of what is known as the "Reign of Terror" amongst Houston fans). In short, I guess I got my panties in a wad over nothing yesterday. What an outrage!