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Clean As A Whistle

Observers can say what they will about your Houston Texans. They can lambast them for compiling a record of exactly twice as many losses as wins (32-64) since the inception of the franchise. If they haven't been paying attention, they can even still shrilly exclaim that Super Mario was a bad pick (Ed. note: If you haven't already, check this post out; tip o' the cap to DGDB&D for finding this baby). But they cannot ever, ever say that your Houston Texans are dirty (the firestorm over this play notwithstanding). I give you this, from ESPN's Hashmarks:

Gary Kubiak's Houston teams have committed the fewest personal fouls per game since 2001 (.47, or 15 penalties in 32 games). Travis Johnson's taunting penalty for standing over a fallen Trent Green should carry extra weight, and some defenders have taken offense with the blocking scheme Kubiak favors. But we're sticking with measurables here, and the Texans have kept the personal-foul calls to a minimum over the last couple seasons.
Putting aside the fact that ESPN seems to give our squad credit for a year (2001) they weren't even playing in the NFL, that's something to be proud of, isn't it? Next directive--evening out that pesky all-time win-loss record.