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My first post is an easy read...




First, let me start off with a big "Howdy" from us Texans fans up here in the Northeast... I am a transplant Texan (from Austin, born & raised for over 30 years there), and a huge pro football fan... (I was an Oiler fan, until Bud moved them away)  Now, I'm one of the biggest Texans fans in the land of the Eagles, Giants, Ravens, and Jets...  (I represent at our local sports bar by wearing my Texans gear and yelling loudly at everything they do good!)

I'm hoping to catch the first game of the regular season, because Pittsburgh is only a few hours away...I hear Steeler fans aren't too hostile to visitor fans (at least I hope not!).

Anyway, here is my honest prediction to our schedule this year... 




7 @ Steelers

12:00 PM

W I think we win this game, because of our ability to get to Rothlisberger.
Sun. 14 RAVENS 3:15 PM W Our home opener, and we always play great at home...and the Ravens suck this year...
Sun. 21 @ Titans 12:00 PM W We will get our revenge for losing twice to the Tacks last year... Colvin sacks Young at least twice.  Book it.
Sun. 28 @ Jaguars 12:00 PM L I see us splitting with the Jags this year, and after going 3 and OH!, I don't see us getting to 4-0.
Sun. 5 COLTS 12:00 PM L After losing the first game of the season, losing the second isn't going to be fun.
Sun. 12 DOLPHINS 12:00 PM W The Dolphins suck.  This time we don't need three 50-yard FGs.
Sun. 19 LIONS 3:05 PM W Late start at home. Lions suck too. We win and improve to 5-2.  The whole NFL is shocked.  The bandwaggoners start piling on...
BYE 26 BYE BYE The easiest week on the schedule. We always win these weeks...



Sun. 2 @ Vikings 12:00 PM L Ugh.  If we would've played them earlier in the season, things might have turned out different.
Sun. 9 BENGALS 12:00 PM W Carson Palmer has a field day with our secondary, but our "bend but don't break" defense eeks this one out.
Sun. 16 @ Colts 12:00 PM L Don't make me laugh...  Let's just hope for no injuries for this game.
Sun. 23 @ Browns 12:00 PM L Close, but again, we would've had a better chance if this game was earlier in the season.
Mon. 1 JAGUARS 7:30 PM W Monday Night Football!!! Battle Red!!! No chance we lose this one after going 1-3 in November...
Sun. 7 @ Packers 12:00 PM L Brett Favre?  No Brett Favre?  Either way, I don't think we're good enough to win this one in Lambeau.
Sun. 14 TITANS 12:00 PM W 2-0 vs. the Tacks.  Vince sheds a tear.
Sun. 21 @ Raiders 3:05 PM W This one will be tough, but the Raiders don't have anything to play for by this time of the season. We do.
Sun. 28 BEARS 12:00 PM W Same thing here... Bears are out.  We are fighting for the 6th playoff seed.


10-6... 3-3 division...  Wildcard seed...  I see it happening IF we can avoid injuries (here's hoping Kubes has learned from the Carolina - A. Johnson mistake) and increase takeaways / eliminate mistakes.

I know we can do it... I have tremendous faith...  I am willing to bet on it...

Here's to our best season yet!!!!


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