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Xavier Adibi Agrees To Terms With Texans; I Quietly Sob With Joy

Apologies for the silence around these parts for the last week; you can chalk it up to a complete lack of Texans news, coupled with a busy non-blogging existence for yours truly. Thanks to those of you who suggested that I should maybe start a Texans blog (cough...MDC...cough) and/or add staff to BRB (cough...Shake...cough) over the past few days. Your subtle barbs inspired me to resume my wholly unpaid duties here. You know, after I finished cursing your ungrateful arses and all.

And then as if by divine guidance, I learned that none other than Xavier Adibi signed a four (4) year deal with your Houston Texans. Given the man crush on Houston's X-Factor I've had simmering since draft day, I could not be more pleased that Adibi won't miss a second of training camp. The question I pose to you is this: When the starting lineups are announced in Pittsburgh in a little over a month, is Xavier Adibi's name among them? Starting as a rookie out of the chute is no small order, so I'm not going to be so bold as to call that shot. I will, however, predict that The Man Who Could've Revolutionized Chess is starting by midseason.