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PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: The AFC South Standings

There's been some pretty spirited discussion in the last twenty-four (24) hours here and here as to how the AFC South standings will look come Week 17. With the obvious caveat that injuries and training camp cuts make this subject to change, it got me thinking about how I reckon the chips will fall when the dust settles and the hay is in the barn. On a unrelated note, that was three (3) cliches in one sentence. Try to beat that while not coming across as a moron.

Back to the point...take a look at the schedules of the Colts, Jags, and Bud Adams' Minions (as well as that of your Houston Texans). How do you think they'll fare come the end of the season? Here's one schmuck's guess:

1. Indianapolis (12-4)
2. Jacksonville (11-5)
3. Houston (9-7)
4. Titans (6-10)

Let the hate mail from the Volunteer State begin!