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Slices Of Will Demps

September 11, 2007 was a happy day for Texans fans.  The Texans signed safety Will Demps.  He helped solidify a tattered secondary.  52 tackles & 2 fumble recoveries later, Will Demps was a Pro Bowl alternate and a piece of a young, aggressive Texans defense.

On March 5, 2008, the Texans resigned Will Demps to a 2 year $4.75 million dollar contract.  Most Texans fans don't know much about No. 47 because he came to the team in the middle of the season.  There are some slices of Will Demps out there that shed light on the kind of man and the kind of player the Texans have in Will Demps.

Will Demps must be a really fun guy to interview. He's blazed a trail off the field that makes him unique among football personalities. Brooke Bentley at talked with him about his work as a male model.He's one of the more interactive players out there.  He connects directly to his fans on his personal web site.  He has a vision of what he can be as a person and as a player.


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(Will Demps is a model and something of a public figure so there are numerous images of him out there.  Special thanks to the following for images.  Images via: | | | | | | | | | | | )

Slice 1: Early Years

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Will Demps is very proud of his Korean heritage and gave an amazing set of interviews to the Korean Journal.  The best of the three is an in depth look at his childhood and path to the NFL.  (Stop reading this post right now and go and read these 1, 2, 3 great pieces)


Slice 2: On the Field

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He's definitely a playmaker in the Texans' secondary.  From the time he took the field as a rookie, he's been a ballhawk. 


Slice 3: On Camera & On Screen

When Will Demps is off the field, he's usually on camera.  Don't think it's because he's vain.  He understands that his play on the field gives him a certain notoriety.  He takes that and is turning it into a future.  Will Demps' face is all over, even on a LeToya video.



Slice 4: Driven

Will Demps is a car lover.  He gave an interview to Dub Magazine(1, 2, 3, 4) He drives a Cadillac Escalade and a restored 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass.




Slice 5: The Man Behind the Mask




The best part of Will Demps is who he's become. He overcame some early life struggles, injury and even his own success.

He gave an interview to Essence where he discussed his personal life and what he's looking for.  He's no longer just in it for the Breezies.  He sees the life he wants and he's working to get it.

Why is this important?  In a time where the Chris Henrys and Travis Henrys have none of it, Will Demps has what the Texans look for: