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Reminder: Community Guidelines

I do not relish the role of school marm, but it's become apparent that I have no choice in the matter anymore.

Thus, this is the final reminder: No personal attacks. Treat one another with a modicum of courtesy. No questioning whether someone is sane, requires medication, etc. No insulting visitors.

Criticize a person's point of view on the Texans all you want, but do it without putting the person down. We're all entitled to our opinions, and we're all entitled to express those opinions without being subjected to hateful comments. I'm sick of playing referee, and I'm fed up with reading garbage. It doesn't add anything to the conversation, and it stops now.

Next step is for me to start deleting comments; the step after that is banning users. In the year and a half BRB has been around, I've never had to do either, and I hoped (and continue to hope) that I won't have to start doing it. But this is the end of the crap, one way or the other.

Play nice, for chrissakes. None of us is eight years old, and this isn't a playground.