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Sage Rosenfels: The Pride of Maquoketa

Courtesy of a man named Boomer (who disclosed to me that he is a proud native son of Maquoketa and thus a very biased observer), check out this cool article on none other than Sage Rosenfels. Some things I did not know about the Texans' backup QB:

1. He grew up on an organic farm, which I imagine is slightly different than where, say, Matt Leinart grew up.

2. He wanted to be a pitcher for the Cubs, which is easily the most repugnant thing about the man (to me, anyway).

3. He got a scholarship offer from Iowa State on nothing more than an impressive performance in a 7-on-7 tournament at the ISU campus.

4. He's quite the environmentalist, but it does not appear to be in the don't-shower-for-a-month-and-eat-only-sprouts way.

5. To a man, everyone says Sage Rosenfels is grounded and for all purposes "gets it."

Not that we weren't anyway, but that's a dude we can all root for. Except during baseball season.