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Training Camp Update



I'm psyched about training camp starting.  I had to hit 2 Wachovia Branches before I got my training camp tickets.

I wanted to be sure to give everyone a heads-up who has gotten training camp tickets; some of the dates have changed and some have been canceled.  Check here for all the updates.

There are six (6) opportunities for fans to attend Houston Texans Training Camp, presented by Wachovia.  Due to concerns related to the heat at afternoon practices, the Texans have altered the schedule of public practice sessions to feature more morning practice sessions.

Tickets distributed for afternoon practice sessions may be redeemed at any other practice. Texans fans are invited to tailgate prior to the Saturday, July 26th practice session. Parking lots will open at 6 a.m.


Afternoon practices on Saturday, July 26; Sunday, July 27; and Friday, Aug. 1 were canceled. 

The updated schedule is listed below and remains subject to change.

Once you've checked to make sure you have valid tickets (unlike the one posted here), be sure to post your pictures in the Fan Posts.  You can still use the invalid tickets to get into any other practice.