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Texans Wave Goodbye to Charles Spencer

After taking up residence for the past two years in the Texans' training room, is reporting that the Texans have waived LT Charles Spencer. 

For the Texans, it marks the end of a tragic chapter that saw the promise of a young man's career all but ended with one fateful play.  "Big Nasty," as he was appropriately dubbed, will go through waivers, where he'll see if there is a team willing to give him a chance to prove he can make it back.

According to most accounts of his rehabilitation process, Charles tried to keep the outlook positive and was working very hard to rejoin his teammates on the football field.  Here's hoping Charles Spencer continues to keep a postive attitude as he enters the next chapter in his pro football career.

In other team news: FB Jon Abbate, DT Eric Powell, and Dan Stevenson were also released. 

These four (4) roster moves were made in an effort to make room for the three (3) rookies that signed yesterday and the rookie that is expected to sign in the coming days.  The Texans' roster currently shows the maximum of 80 players the team is allowed to take into camp, including unsigned first round draft pick LT Duane Brown. Not counting an unsigned Brown, the roster count currently stands at 79. 

[UPDATE]: As first noted by 1Tex in the Comments below, Big Nasty has signed with Carolina. Best of luck to him as he keeps battling to get back on the field.