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Quinn Gray Continues Trek Across the AFC South

Paul Kuharsky of is reporting that QB Quinn Gray and  QB Jared Lorenzen have signed with the Indianapolis Colts.  This move was made to give the Colts more arms in training camp as Peyton Manning continues to recover from his career-threatening (sic) knee surgery.

No word on whether the Colts cafeteria will remain all you can eat.  In light of their two recent additions, something tells me that there may be a change in policy.

New York Giants vs Seattle Seahawks Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans

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In other related Texans news, Kuharsky also reveals that Matt Schaub likes what he has seen from the running backs so far. Personally, I can't wait to see how dynamic this offense can be with a bona fide running game.  30...20...10..5.. TOUCHDOWN! It would be something like that.

(h/t to Eric - DGDB&D's uber-poster for posting the link)