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Weigh In On My Drunken Wager

So I'm throwing a few back with one of my buddies at the always awesome Kenneally's earlier tonight, and the subject of your Houston Texans comes up. My friend, an unapologetic fan of a certain professional football team based in Nashville, opined that Sage Rosenfels should be starting for the Texans. After I spit out my Bushmills, I respectfully disagreed. A wager was then negotiated.

The stakes? One hundred dollars American. The terms? If Sage Rosenfels starts three (3) or more games for your Houston Texans during the 2008 season, I pay him. If Sage doesn't, my buddy pays me. We also factored in the possibility of Sage starting a game late in the season that meant nothing, presumably because the Texans had already clinched a playoff spot; such a start would not count against me.

So what do you think, BRB? Am I a shrewd visionary? Or did I get taken for a ride on a train running on whiskey tracks? You know, if such a train actually existed?