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Duane Brown: First-Round Money, But Not First-Rate Conditioning

Now that his financial state has improved millions of times over, word is that Duane Brown had better improve his physical condition(ing):
Duane Brown had to leave early because he got worn out partway through the workout. Coach Gary Kubiak made it clear he's not overly pleased with the shape Brown was in at the start of camp.

"(Brown) just got gassed, you know," Kubiak said. "Taking a lot of reps, which he's going to do, and he's a little bit overweight right now. So we've got to push him, and he's got to catch up with the rest of his teammates. In this business, you've got to be able to go all day and he's figuring that out, and we've got to catch him up with everybody else."

The Houston heat/humidity/sauna is notoriously tough on newcomers, so I'm not ringing the alarm bell yet. But it looks like Kubes has put D. Brown on notice, and it's not like the Texans are completely devoid of other options at LT. Let's hope Duane gets the message.