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From The Absurd Speculation Files...

With all the breathless conjecture surrounding the possibility of Brett Favre deciding that, perhaps, maybe, he wants to play football again, it was only a matter of time before a writer, desperate to put out a football column during the doldrums of late June/early July, devoted a whole article to analyzing which team would make the best landing spot for St. Favre should he decide to grace us all with his presence again. That writer's name is Bill Williamson of

But the article itself isn't why this post is being penned. It's because of one part of said article:

Houston Texans: This could be a sleeper team. The Texans are on the verge of good things, but they are not exactly settled at quarterback. Sage Rosenfels is waiting in the wings should Matt Schaub have issues. If Favre were available, then Texans coach Gary Kubiak, a quarterback lover, would be tempted.
I readily admit that, despite my prayers to the Almighty every night begging for it to happen, I am not a general manager, coach, player, or jockstrap coordination engineer for a franchise in the NFL. I'm just a fan. A fan who is a little too passionate about his team. A fan who sometimes loses perspective on "life" because it conflicts with football. Needless to say, I'm flawed.

But I do know this: There is no effing way that Brett Favre will be a Houston Texan. No way. Yes, Kubes is a QB guru. And yes, Williamson is correct to note that "[t]he Texans are on the verge of good things." I can see how someone could examine the Texans' roster and think, "Man, look at that WR corps! And that defense has a chance to be nasty this year. The Texans are awfully close to making people sit up and take notice." I get all of that.

What I don't get, however, is why the Texans, a team that is (1) obviously building with youth, (2) emerging out of the salary cap/dead money mess left by the previous regime, and (3) has repeatedly proclaimed that Matt Schaub is their guy, would devote the resources necessary to sign a QB who's going to turn thirty-nine (39) two days before the Sunday of Week Six. The most obvious, guttural response would be: "Tim, pull your head out of your ass and look at Favre's numbers last year." To which I, after removing my cranium from my posterior, would say, "Valid point. But look at Favre's numbers from the 2005 and 2006 campaigns, too. Are you that confident that a thirty-nine year old QB, even one who has been as amazing as Brett Favre was in Green Bay, is going to be able to play at his 2007 level with new personnel, new coaching, and a new (albeit not that different) offense? Are you that confident that Favre will be an upgrade over Schaub/Rosenfels in 2008?"

Because I am not. I love Brett Favre. He was a joy to watch throughout his career, and he was/is one of those rare athletes that appeared/appears not to lose his love of the game as his disposable income grew. That's admirable. So it is with the utmost respect that I write the following: I do not believe that Brett Favre would be better for the Houston Texans in 2008 than Matt Schaub will be.

Frankly though, I don't much care what I think. I want to know if I'm alone on this one, or if Texans Nation is climbing out onto this limb with me. Fire away in the Comments below.