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Pre-Game Recon With Canal Street Chronicles

It's back, baby! For those of you who weren't around BRB last season, each week during the regular season I try to exchange questions with the blogger(s) responsible for the opponent's site here on SB Nation. And while I realize it ain't September yet, I figure the preseason's a great time for me to get into game shape as well.

Dave from Canal Street Chronicles graciously agreed to serve as this season's canary down the mineshaft. Without further ado, my questions and more importantly, Dave's answers:

1. After their amazing year in '06, the Saints' 2007 campaign had to be considered a huge disappointment. Knowing the team and their schedule like you do, what are we going to see in '08--a return (or improvement) on the magical 2006 season, or something more akin to last year's record?

CSC: Oh man, if I had a dollar for every time I got this question I'd be a dollar menuairre. I actually expect this team to be better than the 2006 team. Last season the team got off to a slow start, to say the least, and that just kind of killed everything. As long as we don't do the same thing this year, I think we're looking at a division championship at worst. Keep an eye on us.

2. Although I'd have concerns about his attitude if I was a Saints fan, I love the acquisition of Jeremy Shockey from a purely football standpoint. What kind of numbers are you expecting from him in his first year with the Saints?

CSC: I had concerns about his attitude as well before the trade went down (while it was all still rumors). But since he's been here, we haven't heard anything negative come out of his mouth. I really think what we saw in New York was really just a result of him being unhappy and being a baby about it. I like to think that he is much happier now, really wants to be in this offense, and respects Sean Payton as a coach and a person. Assuming he stays healthy all season, which is a concern of mine, I am definitely expecting big things. A tight end with his abilities in Sean Payton's West Coast system should do well. If I have to quantify it, I guess I would be happy with anything around 800 yards and 5 TD's.

3. Deuce McAllister...done? Or is he going to return to form this year? And if he doesn't, how much longer can he possibly be a Saint?

CSC: We are all going to get our first look tonight. I will let you know then. The only answer I could give you is that I HOPE he returns to form. If he doesn't, I'm not sure what other team would want him. It might be the end of his career.

4. Bet you think I'm going to make light of the Super Mario v. Reggie Bush issue, don't you? Nah...these things take care of themselves on the field. It was widely reported, however, that the Saints were going to take Mario Williams at No. 2 back in April of 2006. Would you have been a fan of that pick at the time?

CSC: Yeah, that would have been totally cool with me. A.J. Hawk wouldn't have been so bad either. Anything on the defensive side of the ball would have been a good choice. It's unfortunate Reggie won't be playing tonight.

5. Multiple Choice: If you saw Jason David alone in a dark alley, you'd (a) keep walking by, choking on your rage all the while; (b) verbally accost him, including but not limited to calling him "Yoko Ono"; (c) pat him on the back and tell him that the sun'll come out tomorrow; or (d) jump in the nearest car and run him down, Grand Theft Auto style.

CSC: Let me first say, I love this question. What a creative way to ask me how much I really hate Jason David. Sadly, I think I have to go with (c), the most boring of the answers. I feel bad for him and I think he had a tough time adjusting. I am a patient man, and I am willing to see what happens this season. If we see more of the same from him this season, however, mark me down for answer (d).


Many thanks to Dave for taking the time to put up with my queries; my answers to his questions can be found here.