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Open Game Day Thread: Houston v. Dallas

I think it's an abomination that your Houston Texans don't get to play Dallas in the regular season every year. Instead, we have to settle for an annual preseason matchup that only serves to remind us of what we're missing during the regular season. At least this year's edition comes during the third week of the preseason, when the starters will play more than they do at any other point before Pittsburgh. I suppose that's better than nothing.

Normally, I open these game day threads four (4) hours before kickoff. But when you're playing the team that's simultaneously the most loved (if you count the scores of bandwagon fans who jumped off the ship during 1989's 1-15 season and jumped back on in the early 90s or when Parcells came to town) and most hated organization in the league, exceptions must be made. That, and the week got away from me, so I totally failed to pursue our Pre-Game Recon segment; I'm praying the opportunity to vent in this thread will take some of the heat off my inadequacies (the ones related to BRB, anyway; I don't expect this post to serve as an elixir for my multiple other non-blog related shortcomings).

So share your thoughts on the Texans, Cowboys, and all things tangentially related to either entity, people. That's what we're here for.