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Who's Going To Join Jameel Cook?

As Brooke Bentley at the official site notes, today's the first deadline for teams around the NFL to trim their rosters. By 5 p.m., the roster must be whittled to seventy-five (75) players. While the tough decisions are typically made in the final round of cuts, we could nevertheless see some rather big names hit the waiver wire before the day is through.

So I ask you this: Who do you see getting cut by day's end? I'm betting we see one trumpeted free-agent acquisition on the Texans' cut list today; I just can't see any reason for the Texans to keep Chris Brown on the roster. He hasn't been on the field long enough to show the slightest justification for remaining gainfully employed. When you factor in the low amount of guaranteed money lost by cutting him, the improved play of Chris Taylor, the promise of Steve Slaton, Darius Walker's health, and Smithiak's puzzling continued love affair with Ahman Green, I simply don't see a place for Brown (absent Ahman spraining his index finger in a tragic remote control incident). Doesn't seem to make any sense to keep Brown around for another day, so I think he's gonzo.

Rosevelt Colvin could also be looking for work this afternoon, but I think the failure of anyone else (cough...Anthony Weaver...cough) to show a semblance of productivity opposite Super Mario will buy him a few more days and another preseason game. Thoughts?