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BREAKING NEWS: Texans Get To 53 By Placing Chris Brown On Injured Reserve

In a move that may have been designed to clearly demonstrate that yours truly has zero personnel veto power when it comes to your Houston Texans, the team placed their other injury-plagued RB on the injured reserve list this afternoon. Seems like a perfectly reasonable way to waste another nearly $2,000,000.00 of Bob McNair's money, huh?

Look, I get it. Chris Brown has football skills. And when he's on a football field, he can display those skills. Problem is, in my amateur opinion, is that Brown is not on the field nearly enough to justify paying him for the possibility that he may one day utilize said skills to help the Texans. I think Smithiak might have just as well lit 1,800,000 dollar bills on fire and roasted marshmallows over the flames. That incineration and the subsequent smores would have likely had exactly the same impact that Chris Brown will on the Houston Texans and their 2008 season: Zilch.

So we're down to 53, though the names could change a bit depending on who else gets put out to pasture by the other thirty-one (31) teams in the league.  Huzzah.