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BREAKING NEWS: Texans Finalize Practice Squad; Acquire Next Super Mario?

I'll level with you: Half of the headline to this post was likely false. Nevertheless, the Chronicle reports that your Houston Texans picked up DE Stanley McClover (awe-inspiring career numbers here) and named their practice squad today. The following gentlemen will start the 2008 season on the practice squad in Houston:

Darius Walker (love it)
Kevis Coley (busted his arse in the preseason and earned this spot)
Darnell Jenkins (eh?)
Gabe Long (I'll hold out hope for any DT that he can one day make Travis Johnson expendable)
Jesse Nading (he's no Stanley McClover, which is probably a compliment)
Derrick Roberson (take Petey Faggins' job, please)
Mark Simmons (really like this kid, but WR is the toughest place to crack the Houston roster these days)

What happened to Alex Brink? Or Shane Boyd? Did one of them get picked up by another team?