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Dexter Wynn--Back Agynn

They can't all be gems, people. But according to Brooke Bentley's training camp report, your Houston Texans brought Dexter Wynn back for another tour of duty in light of Jimmy Williams' move to the injured reserve list. While this probably won't have an impact on the opening roster, it's worth noting because of Wynn's ability to contribute on special teams as well as the secondary. Wynn's a long shot to make the squad to be sure, but you never know. Some other brief thoughts, inspired by the article linked above unless otherwise noted:

1. Chris Brown practiced! I hope someone took a picture of the NFL's version of Our Lady of Fatima.

2. Speaking of miracles, that's what it's going to take for Brown and/or Mike Bell to make the team. Injured and/or winded are not exactly endearing qualities for players trying to make a Gary Kubiak-coached team. I like to think of C. Brown and M. Bell as gazelles, and Smithiak as a cheetah.

3. Don't play 'Dre on Saturday night, Kubes. There's no possible way it can be worth the risk.

4. Call me a sadist, but my first response when I read the report about the shoving match between the OL and DL was, "I really hope Travis Johnson went Steve Smith on someone." Alas, I ain't living that right.

5. Real, live, exhibition football that doesn't mean anything is less than a week away. I need a change of pants, stat.