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Finally Here

Watching Smithiak work this offseason has left me hungry for the next 23 weeks of football.  Specifically, Texans football.  This Saturday, we're finally getting the hors d' orderrves of this football feast. 

Sitting here, writing this, getting ready to watch the guy lost in Mario Williams 6'7" shadow hang out with his former QB and his own shadow problems, got me thinking about what I want to see during the Texans pre-season.


Zac Diles

I just haven't heard enough about this guy.  I'm looking forward to seeing him at game speed.  I'd like to see him do two things.  I want him to blow up a RB behind the LOS, and I want him to deflect a pass.  As a bonus, I'd like to see him in single coverage against a TE and win.

Special Teams

I want to see 1, if not 2, returns for TDs.  I want to know that the Texans' special teams is as explosive as ever.

Running Backs

I want to see someone break off a run for at least 40 yds that ends in a TD.  I want to see that the Texans offense is a scoring threat from any point on the field.

Wide Outs

Our receiving corps is a strength of the team now.  I want to see a ridiculous catch like Andre Davis had last year.  Something circus-worthy.


Demps and Brown seem to have solidified the position.  I want to see them blow up at least 2 consecutive deep passes.  I also want to see them sniff out play-action.

Frank Okam

I want to see him dominate.  I want him to put the league on notice that he's the steal of the draft. 




I'm sure there are at least a few more things worth keeping an eye out for during the pre-season.  What's gonna catch your eye?