Texans/Ravens Game Postponed!

It was reported today that Reliant Stadium sustained significant damage to its roof due to Hurricane Ike and it will not be able to host Monday night's Texans-Ravens game. Both teams are talking to the league to figure out what to do. Perhaps Dallas or San Antonio? I've even heard that Atlanta would be willing to host the game, but that would be weird. You guys are welcome to come to Baltimore to play!


[Note by SOLIS, 09/13/08 6:24 PM CDT ]  I'm sure that the latest developments in the Texans/Ravens game seem pretty trivial to the people in the Houston area at this time.  Thanks to Rexx for bring this to light.  We will continue to seek out the latest information and get it posted as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Our thoughts are with everyone in the Houston area that we're affected by Hurricane Ike.  Stay safe and godspeed to the good people of the coastal bend as they begin the rebuilding process.