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Houston v. Tennessee--Open Game Day Thread

Rough week, huh? First and foremost, I hope everyone and their respected love ones made it safely through Ike. It's easy to forget, especially in times of extreme annoyance like now, that that's really all that matters. Speaking of annoyance...along with more than a million of my neighbors, I'm still without power at my house. Luckily, I'd made plans to be in Nashville this weekend, so I'm writing this from the comfort of my hotel room. I'll have much more to say about the last eight (8) days, hopefully sometime this next week.

For now, let's just open the usual game day thread as we continue to search for some semblance of normalcy. I'm also scheduling a second game day thread to post around 1:30 p.m., in the event the first one gets full. Have at it, BRB. We all deserve a few hours of distraction today.