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Reliant Stadium Should Be Open For Business

File this under "Good News We Desperately Needed," folks: Reliant Stadium should be ready to host a full slate of home games this season, beginning when Indianapolis comes to town on the first Sunday in October. The man with the money says:

"We fully expect that we'll play the Colts in Reliant Stadium," he told The Associated Press. "Probably the rest of the year we'll play and use Reliant as an open-air stadium. It was designed to operate that way, either open or closed so we'll get to enjoy it open for a while."

If he had to put a percentage on the chance the Texans will play the Colts at home, he said it would be in the high 90s.

"I can't say with absolute certainty," he said. "But let's put it this way, I'd be shocked if we did not play there."

Next step: Ensure that the team that calls Reliant home decides to show up to play that (and this) Sunday.