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Some of you might have noticed this already if you access BRB through your phone and/or PDA, but BRB (and all SB Nation blogs) is now available in a fancy new mobile format. Thus, your favorite SB Nation blogs (cough...BRB...cough) should be easy to read while you're rolling around town and/or bitterly defending your team's honor at a local watering hole. The goal is to provide something that downloads quickly and, just as importantly, is easy to scroll through.

This is the first step in making all SBN blogs more accessible to use on mobile devices. In what we hope is the near future, it'll be even easier to comment via mobile as well, which should make it easier for all of us to comment while we're away from the laptops (e.g., weeping at Reliant). In the meantime, please report any issues with the mobile program to Thanks!