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Texans To Sign Eugene Wilson?

After your Houston Texans parted with Brandon Frye yesterday, I wondered who would be claiming his roster spot. Seems like we now have an answer, as the Chronicle reports that the team is expected to sign Eugene Wilson today.

While his career stats don't scream "impact player" and I immediately fear that Wilson is simply Rosevelt Colvin, Jr. (witness his eerily similar release by his new employer), the fact remains that Wilson has the potential to alleviate some of the concerns at CB (and to a much lesser degree, safety). That alone makes me a fan of the move. What's more, we know that Smithiak has had some success adding free agent defensive backs at seemingly inopportune times. Doubtful that Eugene Wilson does much in Pittsburgh in a few days (or possibly even for the next few weeks), but I'm encouraged by his presence on the roster as an option at CB. Here's hoping he's more Will Demps than Michael Boulware.