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Nepotism Is Awesome If It Means Alex Gibbs Returns To Houston

As TransientTexan noted here (and echoed by OTD here), it's been eerily quiet since Kubes fired Richard Smith, Jethro Franklin, and Jon Hoke about two (2) weeks ago.

Rod Marinelli opted for the Windy City over Space City; thus far, he's been the only coach that we know of to interview for any of the three (3) open positions. Until now, anyway. The Chronicle is reporting that David Gibbs interviewed for the vacant secondary gig today. This in and of itself isn't ground-breaking news; frankly, it's notable chiefly for the fact that the arrival of D. Gibbs could be a prelude to Alex Gibbs returning for a second year in Houston.

I'll confess that I know nothing about David Gibbs. He may not be any great shakes. But if David has a pulse and it would make his father happy, Kubes should hire David Gibbs immediately. Hell, if Alex Gibbs demands that Bob McNair cut off a pinky to ensure that he (Alex Gibbs) returns in 2009, that should happen too. I hereby volunteer to lop off an ear, Vincent Van Gogh style, if it means Alex Gibbs will return to coach the Houston offensive line and running game. I don't really need two ears, but I do need a balanced offense.

So yeah...hire David Gibbs already. Ray Rhodes can spot him.

As every day passes, I'm becoming more and more convinced that Frank Bush will be named the defensive coordinator of your Houston Texans. More on that later, but I'll leave you with the question that we were all asking when it became a virtual certainty that Richard Smith was going to get canned: If Bush has always been the guy, why didn't Kubes relieve Richard Smith of his duties during the '08 season and give Frank Bush a tryout then?