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BREAKING NEWS: Frank Bush Named Defensive Coordinator

What most of us were resigned to happening actually happened today when your Houston Texans formally elevated Frank Bush to defensive coordinator. This is about the most predictable thing Smithiak could have done, and the most predictable thing doesn't appear to be the panacea for an 8-8 team that featured quite possibly the worst defense in the entire NFL the last four (4) years. Consequently, it's entirely reasonable to question whether Kubes conducted a search befitting the responsibility of the position. When you read things like Bush was the "only one interviewed for the defensive coordinator position that became available when Richard Smith was fired after the season," you have to wonder whether the team did all that it could to bring in the best guy available. My initial reaction is that the Texans did not do anything close to everything they could have. Instead, Bush was Kubes' guy from the outset, and they "searched" accordingly.

I'll reserve judgment on the quality of the hire, if only because Bush has done nothing to show that he isn't capable of doing the job. Of course, he also doesn't have a track record to show that he is capable of doing the job. All I know is this: Gary Kubiak's opinion of Frank Bush's aptitude had better be validated in 2009. If it isn't, Kubes is likely looking for work in January 2010.

More to come...