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BREAKING NEWS: Alex Gibbs Re-Ups For Another Year In Houston

I'd say this qualifies as freaking tremendous news. Perhaps I'm being a bit effusive, but Alex Gibbs' return squarely puts me in the "David Gibbs Was A Great Hire" camp, even if the Houston secondary continues to do its best to make the Texans fanbase lose its collective mind.

In 2007, the year before Alex Gibbs rode into town, your Houston Texans averaged 99.1 rushing yards per game/3.8 yards per carry. In 2008, the first year of the Gibbs Era, your Houston Texans averaged 115.4 rushing yards per game/4.3 yards per carry. While some of that improvement is due to the upgrade that was Steve Slaton, doesn't the lion's share of the credit have to go to Gibbs? If you believe it does (and I do), you're giddy right now thinking about the possible jump the Houston running game is now poised to make in 2009.