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Vince Young: Would You?

Being a Texans fan in January necessarily means that it's the perfect time to engage in completely baseless speculation. What's that? You say there are playoff games going on? What's this "playoffs" you speak of?

Anyway, I received an interesting e-mail from none other than BRB co-founder/onetime contributor/real-life person Scott this morning. Because I love nothing more than stirring the pot and debating things that will never happen, I provide that correspondence (entitled "Proposal") in its entirety for your review:

Texans send fourth round draft pick to Nashville for Vince Young, with Vince agreeing to serve as the #2 QB, #3 WR, KR and PR. It is patently absurd that the Titans' hapless offense muddles up and down the field without a single downfield playmaker when they have such an incredibly dangerous weapon sitting on their own bench.

Before we all start tearing this theory apart, let's get reality out of the way first. This is purely hypothetical. Your Houston Texans aren't going to acquire VY from the Titans. Not happening. Won't happen for any number of reasons. First, VY could very well still be in the long-term plans for Bud Adams' Army of Darkness, Kerry Collins' meteoric and unexpected rise and/or VY's meltdown notwithstanding. And VY's contract, as currently constructed, would surely be a huge impediment to any such deal. And there's no way that Smithiak would pull off a deal that would be the equivalent of changing the team name from "Texans" to "Totally Unnecessary Quarterback Controversies." Oh, and Sage Rosenfels remains under contract for one more season, so it's not like backup QB is a dire need. Under any interpretation, Scott's proposed trade would not and will not happen.

Still...would you give up a fourth-rounder for Vince Young? If so, why? If not, why not? Is there anything you'd trade for VY, or is the thought of him coming to H-Town such a repugnant idea that you refuse to even consider it? I have a sneaking suspicion that this post may elicit some rather lively commentary.