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Gary Kubiak Says Changes Are Coming

Pollard Fan Club
Pollard Fan Club

Looks like enough is enough for Coach Kubes. After watching CB Fred Bennett get burned worse than someone camping out on the sun over and over again, it appears that rookie CB Brice McCain will be starting opposite Dunta Robinson this Sunday against Oakland.

Injured CB Jacques Reeves was supposed to be back this Sunday, but he apparently has a jammed finger or wrist or something they were saying on the radio this morning. He did not practice yesterday. So it isn't likely that he wil be starting Sunday.

Another change being made is the recently acquired  Bernard Pollard (the guy who ended Tom Brady's season last year) will start over John Busing this week at safety. If the guy is a hard hitter, he has to be an immediate upgrade. I like Busing, but it isn't like he is setting the world on fire so far.

Of course, with Oakland being the running team they are with former college studs Darren McFadden and Michael Bush, who knows how many long runs are going to be forced down the Texans throats on defense?  And if that happens, I can think of some other changes that might be coming to the coaching staff.