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Texans Trade Scenarios. What Would You Like to See?

What many casual NFL fans don't realize is that the NFL trade deadline is nothing like MLB's. There are usually two or three moves, max. So, please, for the love of baby Jesus, quit calling in to Sports Radio 610 and saying things like "Houston should trade Chris Brown and a 6th rounder to the Rams for Steven Jackson." You sound like an idiot.

Do I think Houston should make a move? If there is something you can't pass up, sure. Always make the calls to see what's out there. But there is no particular players out there that I can think of that we should go after. There are plenty of players that I would love to see in a Texans uniform. But as good as this unit seems at drafting, it needs to be someone special before I think of giving up anything more than a third round pick.

If the team feels like they can get a player that is going to put them over the top and make a playoff push, of course they should do it. Especially if this coaching staff feels like this is their make or break season to keep their jobs.

Personally, I am still about adding to the defense. If you get anything worthwhile for Dunta Robinson, you do it. Because the chances of him being back next year are virtually zero. Especially with DeMeco Ryans and Owen Daniels more deserving of getting paid.

So, with the deadline tomorrow, I figured this could be a "post your trade scenario" thread. So, fire away. Let's try to keep it realistic.