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Texans NFL Power Rankings Week 7

I have to give credit to Music City Miracles, from whom I got this idea.  From now on every week I'll be posting where the Texans lie in the power rankings from various media outlets and give their reasoning as well.  The Texans' average ranking among everyone that I screened is 19th.

ESPN:  17

This was an impressive win in Cincinnati.  They took away the Bengals' run game, and Matt Schaub was nearly flawless.  Can their defense keep it up? (M. Williamson)

Fox Sports:  22

Other than catching the Bengals napping last week, the Texans have been the same Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde team as they are every year ... so far at least.  LOOKING AHEAD:  Like the Jaguars, the Texan have a chance to catch fire with plenty of winnable games.

CBS Sports:  21

Matt Schaub is putting up some big time numbers, which is why they are 3-3.  The defense has played better in the last six quarters, which is a good sign.

Yahoo Sports:  18

After his free-flowing moment at Paul Brown Stadium on Sunday, does guard  Chris (Yellowfish) White realize he's the 21st century answer to former Redskins and Broncos lineman Mark (Stink) Schlereth?

Pro Football Weekly:  19

Who needs a running game when Schaub is healthy and sharp?

Pro Football Talk:  17

Very much alive for a shot at the playoffs, the Texans now hold an important tiebreaker against the Bengals, who will probably be jockeying for wild-card position, too.

NFL Experts:  Average Ranking - 19