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Texans NFL Power Rankings Week 8

Week 7 has come and gone and the Houston Texans have their first streak, winning or losing, of the season.  This win raised the average ranking from 19 last week to 17.  There are only 13 teams with a better record than 4-3, but the second half defensive collapse probably cost the Texans some confidence points.

ESPN:  17

If the Texans beat host Buffalo, they'll have a 5-3 record for the first time ever.

Fox Sports: 21 (Writer's Note:  Notice that the 49ers are ranked 17)

So far, it's been mission accomplished for Matt Schaub.  His goal entering the season was simply to stay healthy and play all 16 games for once.  The results?  Schaub leads the league in both passing yards and TD passes.

CBS Sports:  16

At 4-3, they're over .500 and the offense is playing good football.  I still wonder about the pass defense, especially after what Alex Smith did in the second half.

Yahoo Sports:  16

With two former presidents serving as honorary co-captains for the Houston Texans on Sunday, did any fans at Reliant Stadium think they were witnessing a remake of "Point Break"?

Pro Football Weekly:  16

Breathing a sigh of relief over Andre Johnson's chest inury.

Pro Football Talk:  15

If they make the playoffs, there will be no more dangerous team than the Texans.

NFL Experts Average Ranking:  17