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Andre Johnson Watch: Day Three

From Kubes, via John McClain:

"Andre ran on the side some today," coach Gary Kubiak said. "I'm encouraged by what I saw today. If he doesn't have any setbacks, I feel good about him being able to play."

I could probably analyze this to death if I wanted to. Is Kubes simply playing mind games with Dick Jauron and the Bills? Is it too early to make any sort of definitive diagnosis on someone who bruised a lung and coughed up blood like Doc Holliday three days ago? Should the Texans sit 'Dre regardless for the long-term good of the team? Should they simply use him as a decoy on Sunday?

Or, I could have a beer. I think I'm going to opt for the latter. After I light a few votive candles in the grotto at Our Lady of Andre on my way home from work, of course.

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