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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

Last week's "Three And Out" was fatally flawed. And not for the usual those-are-awful-predictions-that-didn't-come-to-pass rationale. No, last week, despite my well-established psychic abilities, I never saw Alex Smith coming. For that, I apologize. I failed you, and I failed myself. If the 49ers had completed the comeback, I would have accepted full blame for the loss. It starts with me.

On to this week's contest in Buffalo:

1. Sunday's weather forecast for Buffalo doesn't reveal any rain, sleet, snow, or even swirling winds. Thus, I fully expect Matt Schaub to be Matt Schaub, to the tune of 273 yards passing with 3 TDs. Can he make it two (2) weeks in a row without a turnover? Yes, he can. But he won't. Look for a red zone pick from Cap'n Matt.

2. Your Houston Texans shall continue their heretofore unknown positive showing in turnover differential. They're +3 right now, and I'm calling that they'll be at +4 upon the completion of Sunday's game. How, you ask? To start, Schaub's aforementioned interception will be the only Houston turnover of the day. That's right--no Steve Slaton fumble this week. Additionally, I foretell a Jacques Reeves interception of Ryan Fitzpatrick and a fumble recovery by Brian Cushing.

3. Owen Daniels will finish with 88 yards receiving and a TD. Kevin Walter will also have a TD catch of his own. Schaub's final TD pass? To Steve Slaton, on a screen.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: The Bills are a scrappy squad with some real talent, especially in the secondary and at running back. The problem, as I see it, is that they're not equipped to match the Texans score for score. Barring Schaub and/or Slaton handing the Bills the ball back, this is a game the Texans should win. As I noted above, I'm feeling unnaturally good about the turnover situation right now, so I'm backing the good guys, even on the road. Texans 27, Bills 17.

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