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BREAKING NEWS: Texans Will Sign RB Chris Henry

Apparently the either the Redskins didn't want former Titans running back Chris Henry, or Henry would prefer to play for the Houston Texans.  John McClain is reporting that the Texans are on the verge of signing Henry, initially just to the practice squad.

I first thought that this might be a sign of displeasure with Steve Slaton, but it might be more of a threat to veteran Chris Brown, who fumbled on the goal line to seal the defeat against the Jaguars a week and a half ago.  Brown ran well during the preseason but has not been an impact thus far in the regular season, and Gary Kubiak might be looking to make a move.  Then again, Kubiak might just be preparing for the inevitable Brown season-ending injury as well.

Henry was a second round pick in the draft, but did not fulfil those expectations on the field, although in his defense he was playing behind LenDale White and Chris Johnson.  Henry is a powerful back and could be ideal for the one-cut running system needed in the zone blocking scheme.