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Update: BRB Tailgate For Monday Night Football (11/23/09)

Judging from the response to the initial call to action, the inaugural BRB Tailgate just might happen. The details:

DATE: Monday, November 23, 2009.
TIME: 4 p.m. CST.
WHERE: Orange Lot of Reliant Stadium.
WHAT TO BRING: Food and Drink.

The purpose of this post is to gauge who can bring various tailgating essentials--coolers, ice, chairs, grill, tent (if anyone has one), etc. Many of us are going to be parking in another lot and walking over to the Orange Lot, and lugging that sort of stuff through Reliant Park isn't very practical. What would be ideal, of course, is for those attendees who are planning on parking in the Orange Lot to step up and volunteer to bring that stuff. If you've got an Orange Lot pass and are up for contributing to the cause in the form of cooler space, ice, chairs, and the like, please commit in the Comments below.

An additional question for the Orange Lot parkers...what time can you arrive? If we're aiming for the area targeted in Texans-Brocos' map(s), we're going to have to have several vehicles lined up and ready to go when the lot opens (presumably at 3:30 p.m.). Is anyone up for that? If not, we'll simply have to grab whatever space we can when enough of our vehicles arrive.

Any other issues or concerns? Raise 'em in the Comments.

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