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Beware: Vince Young Fan Boys Soon To Be On The Prowl

<strong>We are sure to see and hear plenty of Vince Young supporters at Reliant stadium for Monday Night Football this year.</strong>
We are sure to see and hear plenty of Vince Young supporters at Reliant stadium for Monday Night Football this year.

Texans fans better begin preparing themselves for the biggest threat the Tennessee Titans will bring to Houston on Monday Night Football on November 23rd. No, I’m not talking about the stiff rivalry these two teams have developed. No, not Chris Johnson, who tore the Houston defense to shreds in Week Two. And, no, not Kyle Vanden Bosch and his inevitable war with Eric Winston. The weapon that I am talking about is the devout and undying man-love of the Vince Young fan boys. You know who you are.

Now, I know everyone in Houston remembers the war that went on between the Reggie Bush fans and the Vince Young fans before the 2006 NFL draft. It was painful and something none of us wish to relive. Plenty of things were said and outrageous (sometimes asinine) claims made. And in the end, Houston didn’t draft either of those guys. Which turned out to be the right pick, truthfully (and if you still doubt this, Mario should come to your house and kick you in your throat).

In his rookie season, Vince Young seemed to prove many of his detractors, myself included, wrong by winning the Offensive Rookie of The Year.  But plenty weren’t fooled. Again, myself included. All the things being said about Vince Young’s game were all the same things said about Michael Vick. And we all saw how much Vick’s game declined once defenses learned how to stop him. And for my money, Vick was probably better than Vince ever was. But that isn’t the debate here. Many of us knew that Vince’s reign in Tennessee was going to be short lived. So his benching in favor of journeyman Kerry Collins came as no surprise to most.

Let’s be honest:  When you can’t beat out Kerry Collins for the starting job, you may be a little overrated. And he still wouldn't be playing if Titans owner Bud Adams hadn't forced Jeff Fisher's hand. VY fan boys love to throw out the phrase "All Vince Young does is win!" That is complete garbage. If the defense has five sacks, two interceptions and a return for a touchdown, it has nothing to do with Vince. Yet, they seem to claim he "wills" them to victory. It is quite ridiculous.

Then there are the ones who call into local sports radio and say Vince is better than Matt Schaub. Again, a complete joke. I mean, reading some of the stuff said on blogs and message boards is downright laughable. There are even guys who claim VY is better than Schaub because he is better looking. No kidding. And then they wonder why I accuse them of having an unhealthy crush on VY. Please...Matt Schaub is being mentioned with guys like Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees and Carson Palmer now. And you’re comparing "125 yards passing" Vince Young to him?

WAKE UP!!!!!

The funny thing is that I always get called a "UT hater" because I don’t have unquestionable devotion for Vince. Which is unbelievable when you factor in that I am a University of Texas fan. Quite a big one. I cheered for Vince in college. I liked him. But there are several players I liked in college that I don’t judge the same in the pros. I don’t care what you did in college and I don't care what city you were born in. Reggie Bush did a lot in college, too, didn’t he? How's that working out? The NFL is a completely different world. So that accusation holds absolutely no water.

Look, if you want to be a Vince fan, that is your choice. I don’t have anything personal against the guy. I just think he is overrated by the Houston sports fan. And I am pretty sure that this is the only city in America that it still happens in. I am simply saying that if you’re going to defend Vince, come up with some better points than "All he does is win." Because I remember a guy named Trent Dilfer that did nothing but win in 2000. And I am pretty sure it wasn’t all because of him.

If you want to flame me and say I am against the "hometown guy," go for it in the comments section below. But it is just untrue. I am certain this is about to cause a lot of debate between the pro-VY and anti-VY camps, but that is kind of the point. What else are we going to do during a bye week? I guess we can all watch Vince walk on water or cure the blind or something.

Bring the pain and fire away in the comments below.

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