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Texans Power Rankings: Week Eleven

I took last week off, sorry.  After the Colts loss, we fell in the rankings, but only two slots.  So where did the Texans end up after a week of cooling their heels? They landed at an average of 13 in the rankings.

ESPN:  13

In their one chance to show off in prime time -- on ESPN's "MNF" vs. the Titans -- the Texans need to slow Chris Johnson.

Fox Sports:  16

The next three weeks will be huge for Houston, which goes back-to-back-to-back against each of the division rivals by hosting the Titans and Colts before a week 13 visit to Jacksonville.

CBS Sports:  13

They come off thier bye with a chance to earn their first playoff birth with a good second half.  The key will be how they play on defense.

Yahoo Sports:  14

Are they ready for another Vince Young homecoming - and if Sunday's game goes into overtime, should they guard against this?

Pro Football Weekly:  16

Owner Bob McNair: "We're not an elite team."

Pro Football Talk:  11

Ah, the bye week.  A chance to relax, sit back... and watch every other team in your division win their games.

NFL Experts Average Ranking:  11