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Pre-Game Recon: Five Questions With Music City Miracles

In a continuation of our pre-game cooperation with Music City Miracles, Jimmy was gracious enough to answer five questions I had regarding his Tennessee Titans.  Here they are.

1.  The Titans have enjoyed a resurgence since starting the season 0-6.  Is this due just to the change at quarterback from Kerry Collins to Vince Young, or is there more to the recent turnaround?

MCM:  The QB changes has helped because Vince Young has played very efficiently where Collins did not, but there is a lot more to the turnaround. Chris Johnson has had 3 really good games.  The secondary has gotten healthy so it isn't the gaping hole that it was for a few weeks.  The coaching staff finally decided to go with the young guys on the defensive line, and they have played well.  

So while the QB change has helped, and it is what is getting the attention, it isn't the biggest factor in the turnaround.

2.  Chris Johnson’s campaign for the Pro Bowl began in Week 2 against the Texans with 3 touchdowns and 284 all-purpose yards.  Since Week 3 though, the Texans have stymied opponents’ rushing attacks for an average of 60.5 yards per game.  Do you think Johnson will be slowed at all in the rematch, or will he have another huge day?

MCM:  I don't expect him to have the same numbers that he did in Week 2, but I do expect him to get his yards.  It only takes one or two missed assignments by a defense for CJ to put up big numbers.

The Titans also figured out how to throw a screen pass over the last 3 weeks.  It is just another way to get the ball in CJ's hands.

3.  The Texans have the 3rd ranked passing attack going against the Titans’ 31st ranked pass defense.  How can the Titans slow down Matt Schaub and company?

MCM:  By getting pressure on Schaub with the front 4 and the secondary playing their assignments.  

It is close to impossible to shut a guy like Andre Johnson down, but the Titans should be able to keep him from putting up the numbers he did in Week 2 by playing their assignments.  The safeties, Chris Hope and Michael Griffin, have been biting hard on the run fakes all season.  Hopefully they won't do that in this game.

The front 4 has improved since the last time these two played.  As a matter of fact, Jacob Ford, one of the best pass rushers on the team, wasn't even active for that game.  William Hayes has replaced Jevon Kearse in the starting lineup and is playing well also.  They should be able to keep Schaub from getting comfortable in the pocket.

4.  Obviously Bud Adams is not an extremely popular person in the city of Houston.  What is the your reaction and that of the typical Titans fan of his flipping the bird in Buffalo last week?

MCM:  I am not quite sure how to react to it honestly.  Part of me thought it was hilarious, and part of me thought it was just sad.  I think it is safe to say after getting hammered with a $250K fine Mr. Adams will be on his best behavior for a while.

5.  How do you think the game will play out on Monday, an what will the final score be?

MCM:  I think this is going to be a very good game that comes down to the wire.  I think Vince Young puts up his best numbers of the season and leads the team down the field to set up a field goal in the 4th quarter for the win. 24-21 Titans.

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