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Steve Slaton To Start On Monday Night

From John McClain (with a tip o' the cap to texanphil):

"I had an assumption that I would start, but nothing was concrete until now," Slaton said after being told by coach Gary Kubiak that he would be starting. "I'm happy about it. It's an opportunity I have to take full advantage of."

It probably goes without saying, but I like this move a whole lot. Ryan Moats got the start in Indianapolis because of Slaton's fumbling; Slaton responded by holding onto the ball when he saw the field, and Moats helped Slaton's cause by fumbling himself. While it's hard to imagine that Kubes will stick with Slaton should the fumbling problem return, this is the right move. Here's to Steve Slaton turning back the clock to 2008 on Monday night.

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