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Andre Johnson Claims Desire To Retire A Texan

Andre Johnson's uncle, who handles the star wide receiver's business affairs, was cited in the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine, claiming that if the Texans didn't turn the corner soon that Johnson would try to force his way out of Houston.  To quote his uncle Andre Melton, "If he never gets a chance at a ring and I let him stay, I'd be doing him an injustice."

The Andre that matters feels differently, however.  Johnson told Fox 26 in Houston that he doesn't want to go anywhere, and that he was displeased with not only his uncle making that assertion but also with the poor timing of it.  Johnson doesn't want to be a distraction for the team as they get ready to face off with the rival Tennessee Titans on Monday Night.

Johnson closed his interview with reporters as succinctly as possible by stating, "I plan on being a Texan until the day I retire."