The Officiating

Not to make excuses for the loss, because I believe good teams overcome adversity and find ways to win, but CMON MAN. How piss poorly one sided was the game by the officials? It was like Bud Adams took another 250 grand and gave it to the refs. Numerous times the dirty ass tack players were starting fights, throwing punches, and they didnt get flagged a single time. They held Slaton down at the end of the 2nd quarter for 5 fucking seconds while the ref just stood there with his thumb up his ass waiting for the clock to expire. Even the game commentators mentioned it. What about the phantom horsecollar flag on the last series of the game? It was total horseshit and wasnt even close. Yet they had no problem calling out Smith for the elbow throw, or the bullshit roughing call on Cushing. They were so busy calling double penalties on the Texans multiple times they competely ignored several holding plays by the tack linemen. Im not expecting every call to be favorable, but come on how about a little equality on what you are calling on one team and not the other.