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Three And Out: Useless Predictions For Sunday's Game

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. While the wounds from Monday night's disaster are still fresh, we don't have the luxury of sulking; the undefeated Colts come to town tomorrow afternoon, and your Houston Texans have to win to maintain a realistic shot of staying in the hunt for a wild card spot. Without further ado, three (3) things that will go down at Reliant in a little more than twenty-four hours:

1. Very quietly, Kevin Walter has become more and more of a focal point in the offense since Owen Daniels went down. On Sunday, he catches his second TD pass of the season and finishes with 81 receiving yards.

2. Despite his two (2) picks of Peyton Manning Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne the last time the Colts and Texans matched up, Bernard Pollard will not have any interceptions tomorrow. He will, however, force a fumble from Joseph Addai.

3. This time around, Brian Cushing will actually jam Dallas Clark at the line. If he doesn't, I predict I will have an aneurysm.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: Lost in their awfully impressive 10-0 start is that the Colts' last four (4) victories have been by a combined ten (10) points. Looking at it from a purely Texans-based point of view, Indianapolis has won the last three (3) meetings with Houston by three, six, and four points. Since the franchise's inception, the Texans have defeated the Colts just once in fifteen (15) tries. Over and over again, the Colts have done what championship-caliber teams do: Whatever it takes. Still, the law of averages says that Indianapolis, even with quite possibly the best QB we'll ever see play live, is due to be on the short end of the stick once. Or twice, as it may be, considering their opponent this week. Given the Texans' dire need for this game and my firm belief that Indianapolis is due for a hiccup, I silence my doubts this week. Colts 23, Texans 24.

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