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Bob Sanders Hurt Again

Bob Sanders not only missed his second straight day of practice for an elbow he injured in the game against San Francisco, but he also flew to Alabama to see the famous Dr. James Andrews.  That can't be a great sign that Sanders couldn't wait until the day after the game, which NFL teams don't generally use to practice, to make this visit.

Sanders is quickly becoming a tragic figure.  He is undoubtedly one of the best defensive players in the league when healthy enough to actually play.  The problem is that since his first full season as a starter (2005), he has played in just 41 games out of a possible 71.  As much as I wish to see a safety of Sanders' talent playing for the Texans someday, I would imagine it would be excruciating to know you have that kind of player but he can only get on the field about half the time.  Colts fans, I'm very curious to hear your reaction to Sanders' continuous injury woes.