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Ryan Moats Will Start Against The Colts

Per John McClain, Ryan Moats is getting the start in Indianapolis tomorrow. Steve Slaton's repeated inability to hang onto the ball has cost him the starting gig, though he's still expected to see action against the Colts.

This isn't really a surprise to most Texans fans, especially after how Moats performed in Buffalo and Kubes' well documented history of dealing harshly with fumblers. For fantasy football players who don't live and die with the Texans, however, this might come as a shock. The only words of solace I can offer Slaton owners (one of whom I was until Thursday afternoon) is that I fully expect this to be a temporary move, and I'd be more surprised than not if Slaton wasn't starting again after the bye. Share your thoughts on the new depth chart at RB in the Comments below.

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