Did you notice the difference without Daniels?

Did anyone else think that not having Owen Daniels made a huge difference in our offense? I thought especially in the first half, Matt just seemed not to be able to find a safety valve when Andre and Kevin were covered. A big difference to me is we now have to run 3 and 4 WR sets to get another playmaker on the field. The problem with this is that the defense will go to a nickel package. So you still have a DB on all your receivers. When Daniels was on the field, the defense had to account for him run blocking, so he could get a linebacker mismatch which allowed all those nice dumpoffs to him on 3rd down to keep the chains moving. I think the Texans adjusted at halftime and found new ways to move the ball, but its definately hurting us a bit not having him anymore. It would help if we had a running game to keep the defense honest when they go to a nickel package all the time.