The rest of the season by opponent.

Just taking a look at the rest of the season by opponent and given our current tendencies.


Vince Young in a Monday Night Football game with us coming off a bye. I think we lose this one. The Texans have always been horrible at covering mobile quarterbacks. The Titans are feeling it again, they have alot of injured players coming back and winning after a bye week is not easy because you are not in rhythm. We got lucky in the win earlier this year against the Tits, this is a much different team with nothing to lose coming in on MNF.


Injuries will shape this game to some degree. Will the Colts be in better shape? I think we win this one. We will be embarrassed after the MNF loss and finally play 4 quarters of football. The refs decide to let us play the game and we beat the Colts in this one by 10.


Another mobile QB/RB combo that we don't play well against. MJD runs all over the Texans as usual but we keep it close. We lose on a last minute field goal to a hungry Jaguars team.


Another win. The Seahawks are just as inconsistent as the Texans have ever been. In a battle of inconsistent teams, this year we come out on top.


Another win. The Rams are just not good. They cannot handle our offense or defense and take a beating in this one.


We face another highly mobile team. We have never been good at defending trick plays and the wildcat. The wildcat runs wild in this one and the Texans drop the game and the wildcard spot in Miami.


Brady doesn't play as they have the division locked up but home field is out of reach for the conference championship.

Final tally? 4-3 over the last 7 games for a final record of 9-7 with no playoff appearance.

Lesson? Giving away games by one yard, one play, one whatever keeps you out of the playoffs. Texans go into the off-season needing to learn how to manage games and still trying to figure out how to protect the football.

Now HOPEFULLY I AM WRONG, but based on the way this team plays against competent opponents, I don't think I am. We are still learning apparently and make too many mistakes to beat teams that don't beat themselves.

All of our wins come against bad teams (other than Cincy) and until we beat a good team, we have no reason to suspect we are going anywhere.

Consider excited as we all are about the potential of the team, look at the record and issues we are facing and strip away the emotion.

Still can't run the ball.

Still turn it over in key situations.

Still beating ourselves with bad game management.

Still haven't beaten anyone worth mentioning.

Same Texans, different year. At least until they prove otherwise.